Mild Cerebral Palsy
What Does It Mean For My Child?

Mild cerebral palsy simply means that a child has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, but that the child's symptoms are not as severe as the symptoms of other cerebral palsy children.

Even so, it may still be instructive to review the types of cerebral palsy to better understand in which category your child fits.

However, the cerebral palsy classification is not as important as simply evaluating your child's problems and then devising a plan to make him or her better.

The information at isn't just for parents with children with severe cerebral palsy.

The therapies and information that we have found will help all brain injured children, including those considered mild.

If your child's symptoms are not as severe as other children with cerebral palsy, that is a blessing.

But, your child still has a brain injury and needs your help.

Regardless of the specific cerebral palsy diagnosis or severity, you can make your child better.

There is hope.

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