Child Cerebral Palsy
Early Intervention Is Critical

For a child with cerebral palsy early intervention can effectively improve his or her chances of living a happy, joyful life.

Cerebral palsy early intervention greatly improves the chance children have of overcoming developmental disabilities or learning new ways to accomplish the tasks that challenge them.

It is commonly recognized that the best time for a neuro-typical child to learn is when they are young. The brain has effectively finished developing by the time a child is 6 years old. Many believe that the majority of brain growth and development occurs before the age of 3. This is the optimal time to teach a well child.

If you wait too long, the brain is done growing and developing and the process is harder. Think of how easy it is for young children to learn languages compared to older children and especially adults.

The earlier you teach a child, the easier it is.

The same is true for any brain injured child, including a child with cerebral palsy. Early intervention allows you to train your child's brain to overcome the disabilities while the brain is still growing and developing.

During this period of brain growth, the brain can more easily be re-wired and better organized to help your child get better. Early intervention or treatment of cerebral palsy makes a huge difference in the speed and effectiveness of practical parent-driven therapy.

The sooner you begin that effective therapy, the better.

However, even if you have a much older child with cerebral palsy, there is still hope.

This is partly because it is obviously never too late to learn, but more importantly, because the brain growth time period is not contingent on chronological age, but on developmental age.

This is where the brain injury actually helps your child. As a result of the brain injury, your brain injured child is likely at a much lower developmental age than his or her actual chronological age. Therefore, you have more years to teach and train your brain injured child's brain.

In either case, you can still help your child get better with proper parent-driven therapies focused on treating the child's brain injury and related problems. Starting at age 10 is good. Starting at age 3 is better. Starting at age 6 months is even better!

We started effective parent-driven therapies with our cerebral palsy child at 18 months old. He has improved every year since then. But, we wish we would have started when he was first diagnosed with cerebral palsy at 4 months old. We know his progress would have been better, faster.

Cerebral palsy early intervention is critical. The sooner you begin, the faster your progress will be.

There is hope to help your child with cerebral palsy.

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